Fullfilling essential needs of the people who live in undeveloped rural areas of UVA Province
Improving educational aids.
Guiding the people who went wrong into correct path
Attending problems of the state labourers.
To help people who face natural disaaters.
To help social problems
Providing of other facilities
Instructions and supports on self employment
Helping to find jobs
Helping to find a suitable partner for marriage

Sri Lanka was badly hit by the Tsunami in December 2004 which claimed the lives of more than 30,000 people and devastated much of the coastal areas, the process of rebuilding and recovery is still very much
under way and although the
world has shown great
generosity and compassion
there is still a lot to be done.
To give a community hall
for a poor village
To give a religion training centre for a poor village
To help youths of poor families to find suitable partners for marriage
To give Electricity and
water for selected poor villages
To give water tanks for selected families
To grant loans in order to build a house fo selected poor families who are in urgent need of shelter.
To help to find jobs from the support of the important people who are connected with the organization
To provide loans forsmall business

E Mail :

Sambavi is one of the largest poor family development Organization in Sri Lanka without
religious,national or political affiliation.

The Organization invites you to be a member of the development team who committed to develop the
social level of the people of UVA Province - Sri Lanka .
For a short period of time we could achieve our projcts successfully specially due to the Donations and
sponsorship given by both local and
foreign institutions and some personnel.
A farmer's house
In need of shelter
Head Office :
18 A , Senanayake Mawatha ,Bandarawela , Sri lanka
TP :
0094 572224591-2 Hotline - 0094 773227005

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